About Us

 We live in rural Northwest Wisconsin. We are a very small breeder that follows a more natural approach to raising our Goldens. We have chosen the European lines of Golden Retrievers first for their health and temperament. Their beauty is a wonderful bonus!

Our mission is to continue to improve these already healthy lines through a natural approach. This is accomplished through proper diet, environment, and limited exposure to toxins.

 We will only breed dogs that have passed all health clearances recommended for Golden Retrievers by the Canine Health Information Center. These include hips, elbows, heart, thyroid, and eyes. DNA panels are also done to ensure non-affected offspring of genetic diseases such as ichthyosis and progressive retinal atrophy.

Our puppies will be sold with limited registration to qualified applicants. Applicants must have an interest in learning how to raise their Golden with a more natural approach. We will provide the knowledge and

support needed. Debbie has studied holistic companion animal care, is a certified herbalist, and registered nurse. The rewards will be your own healthy, beautiful earth angel for many years.

Our dogs and puppies are given NuVet nutritional supplement and we recommend continuing this to help ensure a healthy immune system. Here is a link for more information


N5157 Trails End St

PO Box 282

Bruce, WI 54819

715-828-7867 or 715-868-1945

[email protected]